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Stan Malina

1st edition
ISBN 978-3-931819-17-0

The Church’s concern for universal Christian education was expressed through the spread of catechisms centuries ago. Nowadays, satisfying this type of need is expressed through various Bible courses and biblical curricula.
The concern for a lack of such a Bible-based curriculum led me to write this book, entitled “Rediscovering the Basics of Biblical Christianity” based on Hebrews 6:1-2, a book which can serve as either a guide or textbook in individual and group Christian growth.
The uncompromising approach to the issues presented in this book is designed to stimulate the reader to think deeply and objectively about biblical truths, and also to inspire a creative response

E-03-Dont be afraid
Stan Malina
2nd edition
ISBN 978-3-931819-25-5, 120 pages
Paperback: 10,-€
(+ shipment – 4,-€) paypal.me/stanmalina

While observing himself and many other Christians, the author found that courage is something that we need very much! The Holy Spirit, who is active in us, often reveals to us our shyness, uncertainty, fears and complexes which hinder His work. How often the Holy Scriptures show us that we are to live without fear, and with courage to follow His ways!
Indeed, if our life should be filled with truth and God's freedom, then it should be led in courage. The Book of Acts shows us that a clear sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit was courage in sharing God's Word and practicing various kinds of Christian ministry.

08-Praise God
Stan Malina
2nd edition
ISBN 978-3-931819-24-8, 80 pages
Paperback: 5,- €
(+ shipment – 4,-€) paypal.me/stanmalina

When we observe today’s Christianity, we see that a lot of misunderstanding and confusion surround the subject of adoring, praising and worshipping God. Christians fail in this area. How contemporary are the words of the prophet Isaiah which
Jesus quoted to the Pharisees: „This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far away from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men“. In these two verses we can already identify two general problems: formal worship and false worship. In addition we can mention insufficient worship, which A. W. Tozer compares to the „missing jewel in the church“.
In this book you will find the answer on the following questions: what is the ‘glory of God’?, why should we praise God?; how should we praise Him?

The_Hearts Not published yet

Sandra Malina

ISBN 978-3-931819-50-7

"Mrs. Malina’s remarks are intended to make a contribution towards understanding the fathers and the children in order to create a better understanding and make a more loving coexistence possible. She gives practical instruction on how to receive healing for the soul through the Word of God and submission to His will, through understanding and forgiveness" - Christiane Lober

Marriage Not published yet
Stan Malina

THROW A STONE! - if you are without sin
(old title: "Marriage after divorce?")

For Christians who have problems with marriage, divorce and remarriage

This book is especially for Christians, who are not indifferent to life’s problems. It is recommended to such like those in Berea, who “examined the Scriptures ... to see whether these things were so” ‑ Acts 17:11.
“Marriage after divorce?” is a treatise for people, who have open minds and sensitive hearts.