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E-TRUE LOVE 2 - front and back
Sandra Malina
TRUE LOVE - Autobiographical Journey
2nd edition
ISBN: 978-3-931819-38-5,
180 pages

Married love between a man and woman is a wonderful picture, a type of the love which exists between Jesus and His Bride, The Church.
When love becomes mature, first in God and then in each other as a married couple, words are sometimes insignificant; for two hearts communicate in a secret language heard only by the couple!
One may try to find the best words to describe the passion of the heart, but no words are good enough.
Therefore, giving and sharing in little ways, is how true love is expressed, first in God and then in each other as a couple, who were brought together by their God!

13-Behind the scene Not published yet

Stan Malina
Flight into the unknown & A hole in the boat
ISBN 978-3-931819-64-4

The “other side” are topics and events, which are rather not nice, nor pleasant for everyone to read and listen to. However, I am absolutely convinced that “revealing the other side” is not negative, even if it does seem unpleasant. On the contrary, if we are to be transparent, if we aught to emphasize objective truth, if we are the way we are, not wearing masks of piety, then our message and our testimony is authentic and useful. And that’s it! It’s what God wants from us! The world is waiting for this!
A Christian is not always different from a non-Christian, in their external life. There are a lot of very good non-Christians. The Christian’s advantage is not that he leads a “better” life, but that he is saved and has the resources to solve problems, to receive forgiveness of sins and to have new opportunities.