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I am sure, that the greatest skill of common life (relationship) – among individuals, groups and societies – is the right consonance between truth and peace! When there are little or great conflicts in relationships, it is because of the lack of correct proportioning between these two values.
Usually it is so in praxis, when emphasis is made on one of them, then, alas, almost automatically we are not correct towards the other.
It is the wrong solution, to chose one of these two values for practical lifestyle. Those, who only have "truth" are often the greatest blusters, and those who only have "peace" are usually the greatest shufflers.

This subject had touched me during my devotional time from the prophet Zechariah: love truth and peace (8:19b). Later, I found other similar passages. Meditating on this subject, -  I found that the Saviour of all mankind (yours too!), Jesus Christ, is both Truth (I am the truth John 14:6) and Peace (He is our peace – Ephesians 2:14). This conclusion was again confirmed from a verse in Zechariah: loving truth and peace. Being deep in this subject, has convinced me about it's key importance.

How should we practice truth and peace in our daily life?

I think that truth is the starting and base point. We can forget about healthy relationships, if there is no truth. We must tell the truth and live in truth. We must also know, that not everyone will receive truth. Certainly, our nature is very sensitive on our "ego", which immediately feels offended. Life in truth is exposure on problems.

Secondly, the way in which we share truth is important. Truth must always be objective. We cannot speak truth in the form of elevating ourselves or animadverting on others, neither we can dispute it, nor be without benevolence and looking for profit from others. And because "the truth hurts", we must serve it with "pain killers". Dealing with our reasons for refusing truth, is sometimes recommended.

In any case, real peace can only be achieved on the base of objective truth.

Let us perfect ourselves in loving truth and peace.