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Stan Malina

I have found the book

I have found the Book

(2 Kings 22:8)

The Book of RUTH - BS-08-E
The Book of EZRA - BS-15-E

The Book of NEHEMIAH - BS-16-E
The Book of ESTHER - BS-17-E
The Book of ECCLESIASTES - BS-21-E
SONG OF SONGS Solomon - BS-22-E
The Book of LAMENTATIONS - BS-25-E
The Book of HAGGAI - BS-37-E
The Book of MALACHI - BS-39-E
The Epistle to GALATIANS - BS-48-E
The Epistle to EPHESIANS - BS-49-E
The Epistle of JAMES - BS-59-E

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The aim - A-04-E
Illness – its reasons and consequences - A-09-E
The most effective method - A-10-E
Local church and her leaders - A-20-E
The assurance of the forgiveness of sins - A-21-E
The evolution of the commandments - A-23-E
Ministry of women - A-24-E
Our negligence satisfies the enemy - A-26-E
What is God’s love? - A-28-E
At Lazarus’ tomb - R-51-E
Discrepancy - R-62-E

Truth and peace - R-63-E

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Sandra Malina
Salvation Message - also in Russian

The bridge - R-57-E - also in Russian
The suitcase - R-58-E
The line of life - R-59-E
The boat - R-60-E
The car - R-61-E -
also in Russian

You are an atheist - R-64-E
You are a "Christian" - R-65-E
You are … - R-66-E
You are in trouble - R-67-E
You are a "winner" - R-68-E
You are a stranger - R-69-E

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