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13-Behind the scene

Stan Malina
Flight into the unknown & A hole in the boat
ISBN 978-3-931819-64-4

Ebook: 5,-€ (5,50 US $)
The “other side” are topics and events, which are rather not nice, nor pleasant for everyone to read and listen to. However, I am absolutely convinced that “revealing the other side” is not negative, even if it does seem unpleasant. On the contrary, if we are to be transparent, if we aught to emphasize objective truth, if we are the way we are, not wearing masks of piety, then our message and our testimony is authentic and useful. And that’s it! It’s what God wants from us! The world is waiting for this!
A Christian is not always different from a non-Christian, in their external life. There are a lot of very good non-Christians. The Christian’s advantage is not that he leads a “better” life, but that he is saved and has the resources to solve problems, to receive forgiveness of sins and to have new opportunities.

E-18-Bound by the Spirit - print version - back E-18-Bound by the Spirit - print version - edge E-18-Bound by the Spirit - print version - front
Stan Malina
God's extraordinary guidance
Cycling on all trails of apostle Paul - Volume 4
ISBN 978-3-931819-66-8, 184 pages, 252 photos
Paperback: 15,-€ (17,-US $)
Ebook: 4,-€ (5,- US $)

I do like Derbe!
I really expected to have some deeper experiences here, especially since I plucked up the courage to stay the night. Well, it was now time to move forwards. Coming down from the top of the mound, I was amazed at how tiny my tent looked from up here.
When I went down, I noticed from my right that two huge barking dogs were approaching. That’s all I needed! I prepared my tent hammer and leather belt, if perhaps I would need them to protect myself. I was watchful, as I began packing up the tent. Meanwhile, other five huge dogs were approaching from my left. Now the situation really looked dangerous. I would have somehow managed with two dogs, but seven would overwhelm me. Besides, these dogs were not just little puppies, but huge and ferocious animals.
“Oh, dear God ...”
I didn’t even start my prayer yet, when suddenly …

E-03-back E-03-Dont be afraid
Stan Malina
2nd edition
ISBN 978-3-931819-25-5, 120 pages
Paperback: 7,50 € (8,50 US $)
eBook: 3,50 € (4,- US $) + bank (PayPal) fees or

While observing himself and many other Christians, the author found that courage is something that we need very much! The Holy Spirit, who is active in us, often reveals to us our shyness, uncertainty, fears and complexes which hinder His work. How often the Holy Scriptures show us that we are to live without fear, and with courage to follow His ways!
Indeed, if our life should be filled with truth and God's freedom, then it should be led in courage. The Book of Acts shows us that a clear sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit was courage in sharing God's Word and practicing various kinds of Christian ministry.

E-TRUE LOVE 2 - front and back
Sandra Malina
Autobiographical Journey
2nd edition
ISBN: 978-3-931819-38-5, 180 pages
3,50 € (4,- US $) + bank (PayPal) fees or
Married love between a man and woman is a wonderful picture, a type of the love which exists between Jesus and His Bride, The Church.
When love becomes mature, first in God and then in each other as a married couple, words are sometimes insignificant; for two hearts communicate in a secret language heard only by the couple!
One may try to find the best words to describe the passion of the heart, but no words are good enough.
Therefore, giving and sharing in little ways, is how true love is expressed, first in God and then in each other as a couple, who were brought together by their God!


Sandra Malina

ISBN 978-3-931819-50-7
eBook: 3,50 € (4,- US $)
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"Mrs. Malina’s remarks are intended to make a contribution towards understanding the fathers and the children in order to create a better understanding and make a more loving coexistence possible. She gives practical instruction on how to receive healing for the soul through the Word of God and submission to His will, through understanding and forgiveness" - Christiane Lober

23-Like in a park
Stan Malina
Cycling Apostolate – Volume 3
Ireland 2014
48 pages, 174 photos
eBook: 3,-€ (3,50 US $) + bank (PayPal) fees

… The landscape was predominated with old, rocky, pasture’ fences.
We look at fences mostly from the negative perspective. Meanwhile, they are necessary; they protect, integrate, identify and keep order. It is so also in church-structural sense. We should look positively on an existence of many denominations (fences). The main problem is “gates” and “gateways” between the fences. These should not only exist, but also function properly. The “gateway” (“gateways”) between historical churches is ecumenical World Council of Churches; and evangelical Christianity has its “gates” in the World Evangelical Alliance. Of course, these world’s organisations have their national organs. The same applies here in Ireland, where besides Evangelical Alliance, there is an entity called “Aontas”: it is essentially a partnership of the Bible-centred churches and organisations. …


Stan Malina
Paul and Israel
Cycling on all trails of apostle Paul - Volume 5
ISBN 978-3-931819-60-6, 124 pages, 333 photos
Ebook: 5,-€ (6,- US $)
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After crossing over the Palestinian checkpoint, I looked around searching the area for some old remains, which may have been left behind from the ancient wall surrounding the city of Jericho. Of course, I didn’t find anything – it was just a theological impulse. I then had a little chat with a Palestinian policeman, who assured me that Jericho is a safe city. As I entered the city, I was amazed by the very modern settlement with excellent houses.
What a contrast to the Palestinians camps I saw in Lebanon and in Syria in 2002! I think that most Europeans (not only) would love to live in houses like this. Judging by what I had seen I can safely say that, it is possible to have a normal lifestyle in this place! Similarly, many Muslims also live a very normal life, in many European countries (and not only European), governed by the same laws. But for example in Germany, no Turk or Arab would dare to demand its own state in the land. And even if some would rebel and not respect the law, then, of course they must calculate the consequences of their actions. It’s obvious that, multicultural and even multi-ethnic states exist in the world today. I think I have already touched on the essence of the problem
, at the beginning of my visit to Israel. Now I have decided to observe correlations between Israelis and Arabs. Anyway, the ambience, the atmosphere in Jericho is very peaceful, giving off a nice impression with its normal, even merry street life and pleasant people.

Link to the bicycle tour

E-Bicycle-01-From Tarsus to Damascus-new
Stan Malina
FROM TARSUS TO DAMASCUS - currently working on next edition
Between two birth places of the apostle Paul

Cycling on all trails of apostle Paul - Volume 1
ISBN 978-3-931819-22-4, 81 pages, 162 photos
Plastic binding: 12,50 € (16,- US $) + postage
eBook: 5,- € (6,- US $)
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… Not far from Paul’s house, on another street surface, I met a shoemaker. I inquired if he could repair my old and memorial wallet.
"No problem!At once another man offered to interpret for us and I gave the shoemaker my wallet ... with the money and documents. He repaired gratis. We started to talk and more men joined us, someone brought çaj (tee) while I answered their questions: why am I in Tarsus?, why Paul is important to me?, what has he proclaimed? One of my interlocutors confirmed that Paul must have been a very important person, that even after 1900 years, the Americans established a collage in Tarsus.“Yes” – I answered – “he was your most famous citizen.”The man who sold iron plates and nails was especially encouraged, when I told him that Paul, who had the highest education was a producer of tents.He responded, “Like me”, being touched. “first I studied in our Institute in Tarsus, later in Istanbul and now I … sell nails.”The value of life is not seen in our positional status in society, but in the right basis in life and honesty.
At that moment, the shoemaker came nearer and with gravity, took out from a plastic bag, a solicitously packed New Testament in Turkish, Incil, very new. He showed it to us as it was his greatest treasure. All the men came
closer and looked at it with interest. The shoemaker said that he got it from the tourists.“Your Paul, wrote most parts of this book, under the inspiration of Holy Spirit.”And when I opened to some places with the name Tarsus, they were excitedly happy. Now the plates and nails seller touched the main subject:“Is it possible to have direct contact with God? How?”I explained, they understood, were moved in their hearts and were thankful.
It was worth going to Tarsus! … “
Link to the bicycle tour


Stan Malina
Bicycle tour on the trail of the Seven Churches
134 photos
Plastic binding: 12,50 € (16,- US $) + postage
Ebook: 5,- € (6,- US $)

This book tells about the living works of the God ofthe Bible, from the Revelation of John, in the context of my trip to the Seven Churches.
God's Word works everywhere, depending on how open we are for it! Nevertheless, we are easily open, more willingly and in fact more active, in the original places of biblical events.
The purpose of this book is to awaken a greater concern in the reader, for the places described in the Bible and possibly to visit them (even on a bicycle).
I introduce some historical facts, concerning their influence and meaning for today, additionally including my impressions on some selected historical events and people who were linked with this trip. General description of historical events, chronological tables and the original material can be found by one find in professional literature.
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Maurice Framboise

Very much truth, yet total fantasy
Paperback brochure (4
8 p. A5): 7,50 € (9,50 US $) + postage
Ebook: 3,-€ (3,50 US $)

Maurice Framboise is a mysterious European writer, living in Rodrigues, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean.
In his book, ‘Love, where are you?’ he describes the dramatic marriage problems of the composer and organist, who begins his career and intense love story, during a concert tour in Hungary.
This book has a unique end, which in fact is not.

E-Bicycle-02-Apostolic_ministry-a will be ready in 2020
Stan Malina

“Go into all the world”

Cycling on all trails of apostle Paul - Volume 2
ISBN 978-3-931819-54-5, 86 pages, 159 photos
Plastic binding: 12,50 € (16,- US $) + postage
eBook: 5,- € (6,- US $)
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Starting from an earlier book “From Tarsus to Damascus”, all other “bicycle” books deal with the ministry of Paul. Most of his apostolic journeys could be made by bicycle. I suppose I am the pioneer here, who re-discovered these trips for the contemporary pilgrimages. And through describing my experiences, impressions and meditations – by God’s grace – I take part in sharing an actual message about salvation in Jesus.You will also find some bits of provocations in my books.Am I a fan of Paul? I don’t think I exaggerate. Paul is not my idol, but I estimate him very much and learn from him. The main person is always Jesus! He was also the main One for Paul.
The first apostolic journey associates with different characters and meanings of the apostolate, which I put as subtitles.
Link to the bicycle tour

08-Praise God 08-Praise God - back
Stan Malina
2nd edition
ISBN 978-3-931819-24-8
Paperback: 5,- € (6,50 US $) + postage
eBook: 3,- € (3,50 US $)
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When we observe today’s Christianity, we see that a lot of misunderstanding and confusion surround the subject of adoring, praising and worshipping God. Christians fail in this area. How contemporary are the words of the prophet Isaiah which
Jesus quoted to the Pharisees: „This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far away from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men“. In these two verses we can already identify two general problems: formal worship and false worship. In addition we can mention insufficient worship, which A. W. Tozer compares to the „missing jewel in the church“.
In this book you will find the answer on the following questions: what is the ‘glory of God’?, why should we praise God?; how should we praise Him?

Marriage will be ready in 2020
Stan Malina

For Christians who have problems with marriage, divorce and remarriage
3rd edition
ISBN 978-3-931819-26-2 (24 p. A5)
Paperback brochure: 5,- € (6,50 US $) + postage
Ebook: 3,- € (3,50 US $)
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This book is especially for Christians, who are not indifferent to life’s problems. It is recommended to such like those in Berea, who “examined the Scriptures ... to see whether these things were so” ‑ Acts 17:11.
“Marriage after divorce?” is a treatise for people, who have open minds and sensitive hearts.